Casper Lindschouw

Bounce 2

For an exam we decided to make a successor to our previous school project Bounce. In Bounce 2 the ball no longer bounces on the floor, but instead on all walls. You can change the direction of the ball by swiping with your finger in the direction you want it to go. The goal is to make the ball hit as many buttons without dying. Spikes will come and go randomly on each wall, and some might even fly across the screen. While playing there is chance for a star to spawn, which is the currency to purchase new cool skins for the ball. The game was done after 2-3 weeks.


This time we decided to do it properly and use the GPU for rendering. So that meant using OpenGL ES and its a bit more advanced API, which in turn also made us have to use bitmap fonts for rendering the score text. Making all that work was my responsibility, while the others focused on the actual gameplay. I also created the shop and a bit of wobbly polish for the ball.


  • Java
  • OpenGL ES