Casper Lindschouw


Chase is a spiritual successor to the popular custom level for Warcraft 3 called ‘Hungry Hungry Felhounds’. A ‘felhound’ or in our case just a pointy shape chases whichever player last touched a specific ball. Initially that ball is given to a random player, but the player may throw the ball and attempt to hit another player. The speed of the felhound goes up continously, but while the ball is held a speed multiplier is growing which will take effect when thrown. This makes for an interesting mechanic where the player can try to outplay their opponent by growing the multiplier big and then throwing the ball at another player, which then makes the felhound run at great speed towards the opponent. But if that player misses the shot, the felhound will still chase him and he will have to dodge it while picking the ball up again for another shot.

The game is for 2-4 local players and created as a school project. After each match all players unlock a new random cosmetic item (skin, trail or color).


A simple code monkey. Among other things: The unlock system, serialization, some UI implementation and porting to UWP (‘cuz we found out that was a requirement a wee bit late).

Further development

Our friends (who also worked on the original version) at Acrylec Studios decided to further develop the game and has so far improved it a ton. It now features more maps, tighter controls and awesome powerups that make the gameplay even crazier. The game is available on Steam.


  • MonoGame
  • C#
  • .NET
  • UWP
  • SQLite
  • Entity Framework


  • Windows Store (later pulled)