Casper Lindschouw

Cupid's Quest For Love

In Cupid’s Quest For Love you play as Cupid and have to spread love by shooting demonic flying babies with love arrows using your trusted bow. The goal is to spread as much love as you can before you succumb to the demons. You lose health when they scratch or shoot you, but you regain it when you spread love. Along the way you’ll get powerups increasing your arrow speed, charge speed and the amount of arrows you can fire simultaneously.

We made this game during a 24-hour Game Jam at our school. The theme for the jam, was “Will you be my valentine?“. Even though we didn’t even make it to the top 3, we are still very proud of the outcome and we learned a lot during this production. We realise that the game is a long way from done, and we had a lot of plans for it that we simply didn’t have time for to implement, so this is the game as it was handed in to the judges.


I did most of the coding for the game.